Olemme nyt osa SSA Group Oy:tä!

Syvensimme yhteistyötä rakennusalan innovatiivisimman toimijan SSA Groupin kanssa. SSA Groupin tytäryhtiönä meillä on näköalapaikka rakennusalan, asumisen ja suunnittelun digitaalisiin tarpeisiin ja koko alan kehittämiseen.

Yhteinen tavoitteemme on poistaa rakennusalalta turhia rutiineja ja auttaa ammattilaisia keskittymään olennaiseen.

SSA Group on yksi Suomen johtavista kiinteistöjen ja rakentamisen digitalisoinnin ja automatisoinnin osaajista.

We are now part of SSA Group!

We deepened our cooperation with SSA Group, which is one of the most innovative operators in the construction sector. As a subsidiary of SSA Group, we have a the ability to see across the entire construction industry and its digital technological needs.

Our common goal is to remove unnecessary routines in the construction industry and to help professionals focus on the essentials.

SSA Group is one of Finland’s leading providers of real estate and construction digitalisation and automation.

For the building and construction industry there is a unique tool for quick calculation of construction costs.

A joint venture between Rakennustieto Oy, Mittaviiva Oy and Ihme-3d Oy developed a new tool for calculating construction costs. The RT calculations (RT-kustannuslaskenta) is based on the popular Klara Net costing program. After application update, costs calculation time is remarkable accelerated thanks to the new easier and faster user interface.


RT construction costs is an easy-to-use tool for estimating construction costs for new, reshuffle and enlargement construction projects. It allows you to make works contracts, and find reliable data content of Rakennustieto. RT-kustannuslaskenta is link to RT product information and will also link to Ratu-kortisto ja RT-kortisto (Both available only Finnish language).


Due to template model projects, you accelerate greatly the estimation costs process and by means of surveyed info for material and working load, estimation construction costs is accurate. The RT-kustannuslaskenta library and the price list are updated at least once a year.

More info (in Finnish)

New product: FPC (Factory Production Control) system for doors, windows and facades.

Ihme-3d has helped dozens of companies to meet the challenges brought by the Construction Product Regulation in the production quality management and CE marking. We have successfully implemented several FPC systems for door, window and facade producers. Work is done in a professional manner in a few weeks and includes the following phases:

  • Initial audit and gathering of input data
  • A comprehensive production quality system, consisting of the following components:
    • An FPC manual made in accordance with the products and production of the company
    • Production process descriptions made in accordance with the products and production of the company
    • Production verification forms for all production processes
  • One-day introduction and training of the system
  • System is delivered as digital modifiable documents.

Prices starting from 4 900 € + VAT. The range of the products affects the price.

Note: FPC system can be managed online using CERTO®.

Markus Säkkinen
Technical Sales Manager
+358 504860247

Hundreds of construction products are CE marked using CERTO® system by Ihme-3d.

CERTO® grows and evolves quickly. Companies around Finland that produce construction products have taken Certo system in use and the feedback has been laudatory. The system automates difficult paperwork and helps companies in developing digitally. The expensive working hours of the entrepreneur can be used in the core business. The development team of Certo can state with satisfaction that hundreds of construction products are already CE marked with Certo.



Purso and Ihme-3d in cooperation.

Purso Oy recommends their customers to use Ihme-3d’s Certo system to CE mark construction products and Forto service to help in strength calculation and structural design.

The cooperation includes:

  • Forto, strength calculation service of load-bearing structures
  • Certo system
  • Training and consulting
  • Continuous technical support and customer service for the users of the Ihme-3d systems

Questions are answered by Teemu Saari, the CEO of Ihme-3d Ltd: +358 44 356 1782 or teemu@ihme3d.com.