Our office and postal address

SSA Digi Oy 
Kasarmintie 15 
Business ID: 2324297-7

South Finland

Aviapolis, Plaza II, 
Alto-talo Äyritie 8 A 

Janne Riihimäki

Chair of board,

  • Master of Law with court training, M.Sc. Economy
  • owner and developer in several construction and IT-companies
  • Jurisdiction in construction, financing and property investment for over 20 years

Mauricio Martinez

ph. +358 44 3457572
  • M.Sc. Tech, Mechanical Engineering
  • over 15 years of experience in machine, construction, and software development in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Colombia and China
  • Expert in engineering automation

Sakari Stenudd

Chief Software Engineer
ph. +358 40 7466770
  • M.Sc. Information Networks
  • 10 years of research and development projects at the University of Oulu, VTT and F-Secure
  • Multiple areas of expertise in software development. Solves complicated problems with easy solutions

Teemu Saari

Development, Structural Engineer
ph. +358 44 3561782
  • Over 15 years of international experience in construction management in Finland, Sweden, Germany and China
  • Highest AA-competence (FISE) in steel construction

Jan Sirniö

Sales Director
ph. +358 45 2062186
  • Several years of experience as a marketing and sales director in the field of sport and e-sports in domestic and international markets
  • Experience in project management

Harri Hatunen

Marketing and business communication
ph. +358 45 6720404
  • over 15 years of experience in content creation and digital learning material and environments
  • experience in B2B sales and marketing
  • expert in content creation in Finnish, Swedish, English, German

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